In the this four-day "Fundamentals of Psychodynamic Equine Assisted Traumatherapy" Training, basic concepts and underlying theories of traumatherapeutic concepts and equine assisted practices and will be presented, taught and practiced. As PEATT was specifically developed to work with combat related stress reactions, one training day focuses particularly on the specifics of working with military (active duty and/or retired/veteran) personnel. 

Learning Objectives Day One

• Learn and know the core elements of psychodynamic Equine Assisted Traumatherapy (PEATT)
• Learn and know the main premises of PEATT
• Learn and know the main underlying theoretical concepts of PEATT
• Learn and know the Team Members and their Areas of Responsibility
• Learn, know and practice the observational categories and the facilitating questions


Learning Objectives Day Two

• Learn and know PEATT‘s definition, concept and treatment point of view of Trauma
• Learn and know the different diagnostic categories
• Learn and know a simple psychoeducation model
• Understand the application of the bio-psycho-social model with horses
• Learn and know the treatment goals in PEATT with PTSD(d)
• Learn and know the benefits of working with horses with trauma


Learning Objectives Day Three

• Learn and know the core differences between working with civilians and members of the Armed Forces (active duty and veteran)
• Learn and know the specifics on combat related PTS(d)
• Learn and know the specifics of Moral Injury
• Learn, know and practice the planning and facilitation process in PEATT


Learning Objectives Day Four

• Learn and know the essentials of complex PTS(d)
• Learn and know the essential techniques on the relational level when working with cPTS(d)
• Practice facilitation process in PEATT

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