Depth psychology-based psychotherapy has its origins in psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis builds on experience, scientific research and the premise that essentially, unconscious conflicts determine human experience, thought and action. Many of our feelings and behaviors are influenced by our unconscious. Unconscious forces can lead to internal conflicts that cause problems with oneself and one's environment.

Behind any current problem, according to Depth Psychology, are unconscious conflicts that developed throughout one’s entire lifetime. These unconscious conflicts are not consciously accessible and have their origins in early lifetime experiences. The continuous framework of depth psychological therapy provides the necessary room for conjoint work.  Psychoanalytically based techniques, such as working on the transference relationship, make it possible to open these psychological difficulties up for direct processing and facilitate a common emotional exploration in the "here and now”. The psychodynamic approach focuses less on individual symptoms, but more on the entire personality and the factors that affect the "here and now". 

I will help you reflect on your behavior, feelings and experiences.  The more people accept themselves as they are, learn new skills and develop understanding for themselves, the easier it is for them to find answers to their own questions and be able to overcome future problems independently. The intrapsychic structure can be changed. The quality of life regarding a sense of improved love and work ability can be increased. 

Every form of psychotherapy is an intense exploration of the topics and concerns you bring up and wish to explore.  Psychotherapy means that you come to me for an hour on a regular schedule. You and I decide on the number of appointments together. Psychotherapy takes place in person, face to face. Psychotherapy is a process in which both you and I work together for you. 

Sessions by appointment only.

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