In equine assisted psychotherapy, clients can get to know and process their perceptions and experiences on an experiential basis in the interaction with horses. People are given the opportunity to create their perceived realities. Through the horses’ behavior, it is possible to receive immediate (perceived) feedback. Unconscious attitudes and behaviors can be felt more noticeably and feelings become more tangible. Through the described procedure, insight into unconscious processes can be gained. In the interaction between human and horse(s), it is possible to address, deal and cope with these big animals in the "here and now". A way for appropriate and acceptable problem solution can be tried, experienced and decided upon.

The basis for Psychodynamic Equine Assisted Traumatherapy (pPTT) is an integrative treatment concept:
The theoretical frame is the german directive-compliant psychodynamic approach. The procedure and techniques are based on recognized (DeGPT) trauma therapeutic guidelines. Every topic, including traumatic experiences, is treated in consideration of the typical trauma-therapeutic phases in the interaction with horses. The interaction with the horses enables humans to experience and cope in the "here and now". Experiencing the "here and now" with simultaneous processing of traumatically experienced content enables people to take an observing and outside perspective, to create emotional distance, and thus to change perspectives and process past experiences.

PPTT was developed in cooperation with members of international armed forces. PPTT has its greatest indication in the field of operational stress disorder, but can be modified according to the population group. Since the end of 2019, it has been possible to obtain certification in PPTT. More information here (link to certification).

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