An event for veterans with horses - what's up with that?  

"You have an appointment. Go there." ... this is what my case manager said back then. “Don’t question it and just do it.  You will not be the only one there.  Others, like us, will be there too.”

When I first heard about this thing, my thoughts were as follows: 

  • "What the hell am I going to do with horses?" 
  • "At least I can ride a bit ..." Oh - surprise, it has nothing to do with riding!?
  • "What? I should just watch? "- ... those were my first thoughts when getting to know the horses.
  • "What am I supposed to do with this stuff? "....As I stood in front of a collection of objects, barrels, balls and much more.
  • At eye level, without right and wrong
  • Conversations "outside" 
  • "Ok - I have something to think about ..."

These sentences have since then stayed with me.  Without knowing it, these sentences meant a turn-around in my life.  Not immediately but steadily my life began to change after this weekend.  A long process with ups and downs.  When I am asked, "Why horses?  How does that work? " My answer frequently is: "Because it works." 

One thing that stood out to me the most is that it does not matter what you did, where you came from, and who you are now. The focus was on the here and now, not on what was or will be. Due to my own experience, I have developed a desire to not only work with veterans, but also to reach out to those who are in a desperate, seemingly hopeless situation.  By giving them a chance to gain a different perspective, to have a different experience with themselves and with their PTSD.

A weekend. The opportunity to spend time with or without horses in Rheinland -Palatinate -with others – one weekend with your family, the other with comrades.  Without specifications and pressure, without a program - without right and wrong. No therapy.

As a not-for-profit organization, a group of people have come together who want to make this possible: we want to provide the space in which a get together at eye level is possible. 

From my own experience, I know that it is important to have back-up.  In case of a need for a crisis intervention Ilka Parent is part of the team.

From one veteran for veterans: 

Eric Warhonowicz

Are you interested?

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