I may have been called an "Idiot" - and it is partially true

"You are not a Social Worker - this way, you will never earn any money."

Harsh words at the time that came from my analyst - I felt like he called me an "idiot". Looking back, I understand how he meant it. 

Those of you who know me know that my desire to help out others - to make information accessible and provide support, is a core trait of mine. My years in practice have taught me to stay aware of my own resources and not approach things as idealistically as I did when I received those words over 25 years ago. The desire, though, remains. 

What can I provide that may be helpful to others?

These days, I have been pondering and pondering on what else I can do to help out others. There are so many fears abound. There is so much community effort around as well - I am amazed and happy how people are coming together in their efforts to provide help and relief. I am not speaking about groupings of meeting and people actually meeting others - but people coming together in their efforts and minds and offering real help.

Existential fears - fears when not being able to work, fears when not knowing how this Covid-19 pandemia is going to effect the world and how it will be when we leave social isolation and shut-down are on many people's minds on top of concerns over how things are being handled by our governments. The perceived loss of control is high. I have heard many times over that people feel like they did during deployments.

So I have been pondering on what I can offer, make accessible globally, that may be useful to many. My thought process over the weekend was the following: Obviously I have had to cancel my trainings. My trainings are not a large part of the work I do - the financial gain is mininimal to me, as I am primarily a Traumatherapist with more than enough clients I am working with and am being paid for.

In my trainings, I offer many toolboxes to those who work in the equine assisted traumatherapeutic field so that they have at least a partially filled workshop in their work with clients.

My decision came easy: I am going to put out my publications for free. In times of social isolation, there is time. Now here comes the part where I truly am an "Idiot": my books are paperback books. Through the self-publishing I was encouraged to put them out as kindle books - but I lack the technical knowledge and the time to format them correctly - thus on Kindle they do not look pretty and at times are kind of jumbled. I do not have the time now nor the interest to spend hours on the computer to fix them - I am busy doing my work to help stabilize people in need in these times of crisis. What I can do, though, is offer them for "free" - in quotation marks, because Amazon won't let me go below 99 cents, even on Kindle. But this I can do: so maybe, in a time when you are sitting at home, not being able to go outside, you want to read up and increase your tools so when you start working again you are able to start with more tools in your workshop? If you are interested, look up my name (Ilka Parent) on Amazon - you will see a list of publications come up. It may take until March 26th for the changes I put in today to show up (according to Amazon), but feel free to use whatever you deem helpful. 

I will also start (or try :P) to post some more videos about some easy self regulating tools and skills through my Minds-n-Motion Facebook page and YouTube channel. My main message is: This time will pass as well. If we all come together and those of us who can provide help - help each other - support each other - give to each other - we will get through this, despite coming changes.

If you feel this is a good idea, please share this blog - do not message me, as I am getting way too many from people in need - but instead pay it forward and do something for others as well.

And does this make me an Idiot? Maybe. But I am ok with that.

I thank you!

Ilka Parent @ Minds-n-Motion, Germany

Spring is coming!

5-4-3-2-1 Technique: through our senses, we perceive the environment. By engaging them one is able to experience the here and now more fully and counteract the mechanism that shuts our cognitive abilities off. 

I invite you: engage all your senses (hear, taste, vision, smell and feel) and focus on something in your environment: it's beauty, it's "realness". You will see if you fully engage all five of your senses in the here and now, that future worries will become less. 

Look for you "free" and reduced to a minimum amount copies of my publishings an amazon 

​I am unable to offer all of them for free and am technically too challenged to figure out why, but I have slashed all my prices of my Kindle publications to the lowest possible amount. My books typically offer tools and techniques as well as information that I believe are helpful when working with equines and people. Please feel free to learn these tools during the times when you are stuck at home and need time fillers. 

One of my Horses loves videos

.... and even though I do not like to be in the public and you typically won't find many pictures or videos of me, I will start (in my free time) to videotape more tools and techniques and post them in an attempt to offer them for free to you. 

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